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The British Broadcasting Corporation, which is usually known more simply as the BBC, is a UK-based broadcasting corporation and is the world's largest broadcasting corporation, employing 28,500 people in the United Kingdom alone with an annual budget of more than £4 billion/$8 billion. The BBC is a quasi-autonomous public corporation as a public service broadcaster and is run by the BBC Trust; it is, per its
charter, supposed to "be free from both political and commercial influence and answer only to its viewers and listeners". In addition to being the largest broadcasting corporation in the world, it is also the largest news gathering system by means of its newsgathering operation, BBC Newsgathering, which includes various regional offices, foreign correspondents and agreements with other news services. In terms of its coverage, the BBC reaches more than 200 countries and is available to more than 274 million households, to CNN's (its nearest competitor) estimated 200 million; It is therefore also the largest news channel in the world. Its radio services broadcast on a wide variety of wavelengths, making them available to many regions of the world. It also broadcasts news - by radio or over the Internet - in some 33 languages.
Watch BBC AMERICA TV Shows Online