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C-SPAN (officially, the Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network) is an American cable television network dedicated to airing non-stop coverage of government proceedings and public affairs programming.

All programs on the 3 C-SPAN's are unedited, uncensored and commercial free, and with very few voice over

In addition to C-SPAN Radio and the C-SPAN website, C-SPAN is made up of several television channels:

C-SPAN features live coverage of the House of Representatives
C-SPAN2 covers the Senate and airs Book TV on weekends
C-SPAN3 covers other live events and airs archived historical programming

The bulk of C-SPAN's operations are located on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., but they also maintain archives in West Lafayette, Indiana at the Purdue Research Park under the direction of Professor Robert X. Browning.
Watch C-SPAN TV Shows Online