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The CW Television Network (The CW) is a television network in the United States launched at the beginning of the 2006-2007 television season. It is a joint venture between CBS Corporation, the former owners of UPN, and Warner Bros., former majority owner of The WB Television Network. The name was derived from the first letter of the names of two of these corporations (CBS and Warner Brothers). The network features a lineup of
shows that, according to its President of Entertainment Dawn Ostroff, "are going to appeal to women 18 to 34-years-old."[1] The network airs programming 7 days a week (Sunday through Friday evenings in prime time, Monday through Friday afternoons, and Saturday morning children's programming).

The network debuted programming after its two predecessors, UPN and The WB, ceased independent operations on, respectively, September 15 and September 17, 2006. The CW's first two nights of programming--Monday and Tuesday, September 18 and September 19, 2006--consisted of reruns and launch-related specials. The CW marked its formal launch date on Wednesday, September 20, 2006, with a 2-hour season premiere of America's Next Top Model. The CW lineup has featured on a mixture of programming that originated on both UPN and The WB (including America's Next Top Model and Smallville) along with its own original programs such as Gossip Girl and 90210.
Watch THE CW TV Shows Online