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The privately held company Oxygen Media was founded in 1998 by Geraldine Laybourne, talk show host Oprah Winfrey and producers Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner and Caryn Mandabach (of Carsey-Werner fame). The company's cable network Oxygen, (formerly featuring Oh! above the main channel title), launched on February 2, 2000.

The network originally began as an interactive network focusing
on original programming with some reruns (such as Kate & Allie), and featured a black bar at the bottom of the screen (referred to as "the stripe" it occupied the bottom 12% of the screen) which would show various information (the interactive part involved the channel's website); the technique was cloned by Spike's precursor The New TNN. Today, the stripe has long been dropped, and the network focuses chiefly on reality shows, reruns, and movies, and airs week-after repeats of The Tyra Banks Show and is directed towards women. The yoga/meditation/exercise program "Inhale" remains the only inaugural Oxygen program to continue to air into the network's NBC Universal era, albeit in repeats.
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