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Million Dollar Password
Regis Philbin hosts this remake of the classic game show on the CBS network. In this game show, one player and one celebrity team up in an attempt to win one million dollars. There are four rounds, with five words per round and a maximum of thirty seconds to guess the words. You may pass a word and, if you have
time left on the clock, you can re-try it at the end. The first round the celebrity gives the clues and the contestant guess the words. The second round the contestant becomes the giver of the clues and the celebrity the guesser of the words. At this point the celebrities change places and the process is repeated. The contestant with the highest total points moves on to the bonus round. In the bonus round, the contestant has one minute and thirty seconds to per round to get 5 words. There are 6 tiers to the bonus round. The person giving the clues can only give three clues. Once you pass on a word it is gone, it can not be brought back.

Show Genre: Game-Show
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