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The Riches
The Riches (styled as the Ri¢hes in promotional material) was a Golden Globe Award- and Emmy Award-nominated FX television series starring Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver. Originally named Low Life, the show was created by Dmitry Lipkin for Maverick Films and FX Networks. The one-hour pilot was written by Lipkin
and Eddie Izzard, and directed by Carl Franklin. It first aired on March 12, 2007, followed by a further 12 episodes. Additionally, the first two episodes were made available on the Internet prior to their television air dates. FX announced on May 8, 2007 that The Riches would return for a second season, the first episode of which aired on March 18, 2008.

Todd Stashwick, one of the actors, announced on his blog that the show was canceled on September 25, 2008, almost five months after season two ended. The series was officially canceled by the network a few days later.

Show Genre: Drama
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