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The Loop
This is the story of Sam Sullivan, the youngest executive at the corporate headquarters of a major airline. His boss Russ is a lunatic and his coworker Meryl, a 40-something sexpot, is continuously making sexual advances towards him.

As Sam tries to find a way to cope with the demands of his career, the social demands of his crazy roommates get
in the way. He lives with his brother Sully, his college buddy Piper (who he secretly has a crush on) and Lizzy, the sexy bartender at their local hangout. Through the pressures of work and the craziness of his home life, Sam's life is the subject of a pretty wild sitcom.

There were some major changes for the second season, such as the unexplained dropping of Sam's female roommates Piper (Amanda Loncar) and Lizzie (Sarah Wright), and switching the focus of the show so that most of the action took place at Sam's workplace.

The Loop only lasted two seasons. In fact, since FOX had already cancelled the show before the second season aired, the second season aired as an episode "burn-off".

Show Genre: Comedy
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