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Author Top Five Reasons to Build Your Own Home in 2009! by Kate Faulkner
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Top Five Reasons to Build Your Own Home in 2009! by Kate Faulkner

Self builders [url=http://www.izdvd.com/goods-518-true-blood-season-13-dvd-boxset.html]true blood season 4 dvd[/url] likely to build over [url=http://www.izdvd.com/goods-590-desperate-housewives-season-16-dvd-boxset.html]Desperate Housewives dvd boxset[/url] of new homes this year as [url=http://www.izdvd.com/goods-717-northern-exposure-seasons-16-dvd-boxset.html]north exposure[/url] developers batten down the hatches and smaller developers go out of business. This means anyone thinking of building their own home has never had a better opportunity to build a property from scratch, or use timber frame kits to help create a bespoke home.Before the credit crunch, building your own home in the UK would have cost around ?300,000,[url=http://www.izdvd.com/goods-717-northern-exposure-seasons-16-dvd-boxset.html]north exposure dvd[/url] with the land costing around ?150,000 and the rest spent on labour and materials. The property would then typically be worth around 30% more than the cost to build, so once built it would be worth around [url=http://www.izdvd.com/goods-590-desperate-housewives-season-16-dvd-boxset.html]buy Desperate Housewives season 6[/url]. Whereas now, costs of the land, labour and materials have all fallen, making self build a really good value alternative to buying an already built home.Land prices have fallen by [url=http://www.izdvd.com/goods-518-true-blood-season-13-dvd-boxset.html]true blood on dvd[/url]As developers have cut down the number of properties they are [url=http://www.izdvd.com/goods-717-northern-exposure-seasons-16-dvd-boxset.html]north exposure dvd set[/url]building due to the credit crunch, it means there is less competition for buying land and smaller, local developers in particular are not buying land as they have in the past.
Builders, electricians and plumbers are readily available!Remember, trying to find a good builder or sub contractor in 2006 or [url=http://www.izdvd.com/goods-717-northern-exposure-seasons-16-dvd-boxset.html]north exposure dvd boxset[/url], it was almost impossible? However with the recession, many tradesmen have been laid off by big developers and are now free to work on residential projects.Bargain basement building materialsDue to the fall in property prices, demand for[url=http://www.izdvd.com/goods-717-northern-exposure-seasons-16-dvd-boxset.html]north Exposure Seasons 1-6 DVD Boxset[/url] bricks, timber frame kits, tiles, cement, boilers and radiators has fallen so much that you can purchase materials for 25% or [url=http://www.izdvd.com/goods-717-northern-exposure-seasons-16-dvd-boxset.html]dvd north exposure[/url] than you would have had to pay during the 'good times'. Timber frame kitsIf you want a quick build, you can now buy or have a bespoke timber frame kit.

To find out more about self build visit our website [url=http://www.izdvd.com/goods-717-northern-exposure-seasons-16-dvd-boxset.html]north exposure seasons[/url] and take a look at the Develop and Build section, our eBook and factsheets. Do you have a property question you want an unbiased and independent answer to? Contact the Designs on Property team on 0845 838 1763.If you need help finding land, visit Plotsearch. Timber frame kits are available from Potton and Oakworth Homes.
Posted: 5/31/2011 4:52 AM