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tv series on dvd

Gilmore Girls is a terrific [url=http://www.easybuydvd.com/the-simpsons-dvd-box-set-p-76.html]The Simpsons 1-21 for sale[/url] series. It had a great 7 year run, it's very unfortunate that it ended when it did. The seventh season, in my opinion, isn't up to par with the rest, but it was also the first season not written by creator Amy Sherman Palladino - [url=http://www.easybuydvd.com/the-office-dvd-box-set-p-123.html]sale 1-6 of The Office[/url] which in my [url=http://www.easybuydvd.com/csi-new-york-dvd-box-set-p-110.html]CSI New York 1-6[/url] opinion, was a huge loss for the show. Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel are two terrific actresses, and combined in this series, you can't help but [url=http://www.easybuydvd.com/the-sopranos-dvd-box-set-p-131.html]The Sopranos 1-6 dvd box set[/url] fall in love with them. While I wish we could have seen a little more closure in the series finale, I think it did [url=http://www.easybuydvd.com/the-sopranos-dvd-box-set-p-131.html]seasons 1-6 of The Sopranos[/url] wrap up better than other shows have. I definitely recommend this product!
LOVE this [url=http://www.easybuydvd.com/boston-legal-dvd-box-set-p-73.html]complete 1-5 of Boston Legal[/url] show! [url=http://www.easybuydvd.com/greys-anatomy-dvd-box-set-p-86.html]seasons 1-6 of Grey's Anatomy[/url] Lorelai & Rory and the rest of the cast are so addictive! Received package quickly and in great condition! Will buy from dvd again!
One of the best purchases I've made. Includes all seasons and extras for those that really grew with this cast as the years went on like I did. I would recomend this for new and old fans alike!
Even though Gilmore Girls was snubbed by the Emmys this year, and even though they rarely won in popular award categories, they did pull in a large number of awards/nominations, and rightfully so. Now Time magazine has Gilmore Girls on their 100 greatest [url=http://www.easybuydvd.com/the-wire-dvd-box-set-p-133.html]cheap The Wire 1-5 dvd set[/url] tv shows of all time - and rightfully so. For those who have never seen the show, the excellent reviews here are right on the money. Unfortunately, for the first few seasons, I only caught an episode here and there. I started watching regularly in what turned out to be the last season. Now I watch the show religiously... and I force others to watch as well. There isn't an episode you wouldn't like, not a character that should be written off, not one line that doesn't fit perfectly, [url=http://www.easybuydvd.com/the-wire-dvd-box-set-p-133.html]The Wire box set[/url] not one show where [url=http://www.easybuydvd.com/mad-men-dvd-box-set-p-15.html]Mad Men seasons 1-4 dvd[/url] you don't walk away with something that can help you somewhere in life. It's not just a "girl show". It's about love and life and family and what really matters most in life. It shows how humor can be used to deal with even the most stressful situations in life, even when you don't have a fairy-tale life or happy ending. [url=http://www.easybuydvd.com/ncis-dvd-box-set-p-100.html]cheap NCIS dvd 1-7[/url] I'm not sure what the fuss is about the Barbie-doll packaging. It might not be the perfect choice, but I wouldn't care if the set came in a wrapper from a tuna sandwich. I'd be proud to have this outstanding series on my shelf. Much appreciation to the creators and actors of this outstanding series. You've given us something to treasure for a long time to come! Sorry to see you go.
I received this order very quickly. It was in excelllent condition and nothing wrong with any of the discs. I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan, so having every episode has been wonderful! Remind me again how it got replaced by the stupid show pretty little liars? I have ordered several things from dvd.com and I have always been [url=http://www.easybuydvd.com/lost-dvd-box-set-p-130.html]Lost 1-6 dvd box set[/url] happy with the results!
I was really worried reading the prior reviews of this product that the discs wouldn't work. But for the price, this product is the best deal if you intend to watch the full series in sequence--way less than if you bought all the individually-packaged seasons. I became hooked on the series well after when new episodes stopped airing; on re-runs on the ABC Family network. [url=http://www.easybuydvd.com/mash-dvd-box-set-p-49.html]sale 1-11 of MASH[/url] I started Netflix-ing DVDs, but contemplated buying this DVD set because I was impatient with the disc delivery. It took me about half a year, and I have finally worked my way to the last episode. And I'd like to report that from at least Season 3 to the end of the series (Season 7), all discs worked for me with absolutely no problems. The quality of audio/visual is comparable to the discs sold in the individual season sets. I also think the packaging is cute, like [url=http://www.easybuydvd.com/friends-dvd-box-set-p-119.html]Friends seasons 1-10[/url] one of those 70's plastic doll case sets. The case is pretty handy; taking up much less space than if you bought individual season sets. Though some have noted the cardboard cases may not protect the discs well from scratches, I've carried many of the individual season folders while traveling with no issues.I intend to [url=http://www.easybuydvd.com/the-simpsons-dvd-box-set-p-76.html]seasons 1-21 of The Simpsons[/url] watch the series again, and am very happy that the quality of this product will enable me to do so.
Posted: 7/26/2011 10:16 PM